and she said, "That ain't nothin'--anybody can waltz."

"Not like me," said Al. The music surged, and he tapped one foot in time. "Come on," he said.

A very fat woman poked her head out of the tent and scowled at him. "You git along," she said fiercely. "This here girl's spoke for. She's a-gonna be married, an' her man's a-comin' for her." Al winked rakishly at the girl, and he tripped on, striking his feet to the music and swaying his shoulders and swinging his arms. And the girl looked after him intently Jingling the change in his hand he shook his head .

Pa put down his plate and stood up. "Come on, John," he said; and he explained to Ma, "We're a-gonna talk to some fellas about gettin' work." And Pa and Uncle John walked toward the manager's house.

Tom worked a piece of store bread into the stew gravy on his plate and ate the bread. He handed his plate to Ma, and she put it in the bucket of hot water and washed it, and handed it to Rose of Sharon to wipe. "Ain't you goin' to the dance?" Ma asked.

"Sure," said Tom. "I'm on a committee. We're gonna entertain some fellas." "Already on a committee?" Ma said. "I guess it's 'cause you got work." Rose of Sharon turned to put the dish away. Tom pointed at her. "My God, she's a-gettin' big," he said. Rose of Sharon blushed and took another dish from Ma. "Sure she is," Ma said. "An' she's gettin' prettier," said Tom. The girl blushed more deeply and hung her head. "You stop it," she said softly. "'Course she is," said Ma. "Girl with a baby always gets prettier." Tom laughed. "If she keeps a-swellin' like this, she gonna need a wheelbarra to carry it." "Now you stop," Rose of Sharon said, and she went inside the tent, out of sight. Ma chuckled, "You shouldn' ought to worry her." "She likes it," said Tom. "I know she likes it, but it worries her, too. And she's a-mournin' for Connie." "Well, she might's well give him up. He's prob'ly studyin' to be President of the

United States by now." "Don't worry her," Ma said. "She ain't got no easy row to hoe." Willie Eaton moved near, and he grinned and said, "You Tom Joad?" "Yeah." "Well, I'm Chairman the Entertainment Committee. We gonna need you. Fella tol' me 'bout you." "Sure, I'll play with you," said Tom. "This here's Ma." "Howdy," said Willie.

"Glad to meet ya."

Willie said, "Gonna put you on the gate to start, an' then on the floor. Want ya to look over the guys when they come in, an' try to spot 'em. You'll be with another fella. Then later I want ya to dance an' watch."