Kansas folks in a similar predicament, who help attend the death of Grampa and subsequently share the traveling with the Joads as far as the California state line. It is implied Sairy is too ill to carry on.

Mr. Wainwright — The father of Aggie Wainwright and husband of Mrs Jingling the change in his hand he shook his head. Wainwright. Worries over his daughter who is sixteen and in his words "growed up".

Mrs. Wainwright — Mother to Aggie Wainwright and wife to Mr. Wainwright. She helps deliver Rose of Sharon's stillborn baby with Ma.

Aggie Wainwright — Sixteen years of age. Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Wainwright. Intends to marry Al. Aggie takes care of Ruthie and Winfield when Rose of Sharon goes into labor. She has limited interactions with the other characters. Her real name is Agnes.

Floyd Knowles — the man at the Hooverville who urges Tom and Casey to join labor organizations. He agitates the police and this results in Casy going to jail.