From the familiar to the stranger, in this life, we really want to go through too much as people would like Love. After for years, but I want to see how you can not find, in the corner of a life suddenly encounter reunited, but once you are no longer you. It turned out that some people really can only meet again in the memory.The world's most fun of people do not know how I love you not for your silly one, but we are obviously in love with each other, eventually become the most familiar stranger, because of the time restraint, mutual affection due to entanglement, dare confess to each other because of the mind, passing the station, we will eventually become a life of each passer-by.Fragments of memories bit by bit, like rain generally falling on my body, my heart slowly infiltrate gradually into my bone marrow and into the thoughts of every cell, we have devoted all the feelings and read like. He turned it suddenly discovered that we do not have to forget that we were all alone back that season. Through the time tunnel, we begin youthSome love always tell, always get some mutual affection is unknown how many lovers simply say goodbye to a "never meant" grudge among a "Goodbye, also a friend," but we are short of love Red Dust the one big lie.Once upon a time, I met with you in that season brilliant youth, I have always been quiet, you always lively and clever; I have always been the most humble, you always shine everywhere; you are my heart princess, I Prince is not in your heart, we are miles apart from the outset. You are a princess The youth remained a wholeyear with the third master also,and when he came home again, and his father inquired, "My son, what hast thou learnt?" he answered, , I could not even dwarfs are not, I do not want to protect you, but you do not need my protection, it has been surrounded by too airtight, despite how I squeeze all squeeze into your world.Beautiful first met so far still remain in the depths of my mind, but that is just a wonderful moment your life, you are standing in front of me, and our hearts are separated by thousands of miles, despite what I had Piaoyang sea ​​are looking for less than a point to stop your eyes.It is said that a person is really like low self-esteem from the beginning, because that person feel good enough.I think it probably is! So in front of you, I'm a full complex about three years. Never let yourself such and such a girl's thoughts and lingering, never a girl so I began to doubt my ability, the more I want to close, the more uncertain every day wants to look at you every time but also turned to find your shadow, every time you looked up and just try to smile every time secretly aiming your time for fear that others know, so pretending to be calm, but inside all the time fluctuating.Every time you move a weak, to you, but is accustomed to; to me, it is the world of subversion. Red as if you and I separated two people crossing, but a casual I saw you, and you still look into the distance at the other end, we have never been to wait for another person.I think we just separated from the other side, I think we just forget themselves from this mortal world, until a few words of goodbye, you intentionally or unintentionally, to tell me, that season I actually like people, but we had not in the same parallel lines on the doomed intersect.Originally, the closer you are, the more I escape, you are bent on it though, the more I feel inferior to escape. You say you like that time I, and I ever did not like that time you, but our eyes never met at the same time, our hearts have never understood each other too, bursting of that season's brilliant, legacy of youth in that a trace of lonely lonely.The most regrettable not miss I can not tell you I love you, but obviously we both like each other, but because then there is no fear of ignorant and honest voice, the last time at the urging of their life to become one of the most familiar stranger, a turn, from each side across the horizon.Cantabile young, youth dream, where the Red passionate, consensual sorrow thinking, old Shaohua provoke recall, he forget themselves toward the stranger. Dear girl, thank you came that season, brilliant my best memories, not for the ride, but you ask him towards me find a nice ring. The once shy boy finally grew up and became like what you like, just standing around him is no longer always the girl.I like the season to you, but I miss you, I love that season, we look back at the sea Red Dust, pass, finally leaving a touch of the old days on the youth, it is our common memories, it is together that we miss, it is our youth the best years of regret.Youth, it is a beautiful flower, it is brilliant, it is beautiful, it is also a promotion that is broken.Now, I will not think of you insist on going, only occasionally, when they begin, eyes suddenly moist, warm heart will be passing hint of pain, a memory draw the prints, it is not your name, but once ignorant of their own.From strangers to the familiar, from the familiar to strangers, we experienced marshes. Goodbye to meet from the middle of thousands of miles apart, since then, the Red forget themselves, their horizon.